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Maurizio and Debora

Maurizio Rella is a founding member of “ShakerArti”, an arts and entertainment company

(http://www.shakerband.it/shaker-arti/) of which he has a 50% share and is the administrator.

It is one of the most requested entertainment companies in Apulia, not only for the numerous events managed in each individual calendar year (about 600), but, above all because of the participation of artists from all over the world (Brazil, France, Cuba, England, etc.) who are considered the top in their individual disciplines (dance, music, and entertainment).

Maurizo was born in Bari, Apulia on the 8th of June 1981; he graduated from Law School, is married to Debora Massari and is the father of nine-year-old Rebecca. They live in Cassano delle Murge in Apulia in a villa.

After having finished his studies in 2006, he began working at “Video Point”, a leader in online payment services software.

In 2009, he became a sales representative for “HEDEA”, a specialised company in the mattress sector.

In 2010 “ShakerArti” was created; it is an agency that specialises in music for weddings and events. Its portfolio includes professional music groups that come from all over the world, able to satisfy the needs of couples through various musical genres while maintaining a fee in line with all types of budgets and guaranteeing “fun managed with elegance”.

In addition to the performances of the bands, other services offered by the agency include live shows and DJ sets, all to make your special day “individual and exclusive”. The various moments of the event are accompanied by small “live” formations to make each moment different.

ShakerArti is also the owner of the ReSkilla brand, a craft beer produced in Italy.


In November 2017, after various analyses of the Horeca system of Belgium and, in collaboration with future partners Giuseppe Guglielmi and the Monterisi brothers, the idea of ​​”La Panzerottata” was born, in which he and his wife Debora Massari own 45% of the company shares.

Today he is the administrator of La Panzerottata and, together with his wife Debora Massari, is in charge of marketing and communications.

In order to carry out and follow the “La Panzerottata” project, both husband and wife are registered with the City of Saint Gilles at 27 Rue Jourdan. National number:

Among their future goals are transferring the entire family to Belgium so that their daughter can continue her studies.

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